Attachment based therapy

 Attachment Theory

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The moment we are born we seek security and love from parents or caregivers this is the first interactive love relationship we have. This early relationship is our learning relationship and shapes our brain. What we see and feel is what influences our world-view, the quality of our future relationships, and how we eventually parent our own children. It’s never too late to learn new ways to relate to the world and the people around us, but our earliest interactions always matter.  

If we experience violence or fear  or emotional abandonment during our infancy we often grow into adults who have difficulty understanding our own emotions and the feelings of others. This limits our ability to build or maintain successful relationships.

This first crucial relationship is responsible for

  • Determining the success or failure of future intimate relationships.
  • To be able to manage our emotions.
  • To appreciate and value ourselves, to find satisfaction in being with others.
  • The ability to self soothe ourselves from disappointment, discouragement and misfortune.

Gratefully, attachment styles are not set in stone and with either positive life experience or appropriate therapeutic intervention and a desire for change, adults can manage their relationships and experience true intimacy and closeness.

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Please click to to watch this short but very powerful presentation on Attachment Theory John Bowlby


Mehmet Altan

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