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Mehmet Altan Adv.dip, Reg MBACP

Mehmet Altan offers short term and open ended counselling and therapy, and manages a busy private practice in Clapham, London Bridge, Greenwich & Beckenham.

Mehmet’s practice is based on the belief that sometimes, unhelpful past experiences can play out in our current lives in negative ways. It can affect our relationships with others, creating dynamics that may provoke things like anxiety, or low self confidence; at home, in social situations or in the work place.  Compounded by outside influences, a person may suddenly feel stuck, or depressed, and feel unable to work through their struggles.  Past deep-rooted experience often plays a part in the manifestation and persistence of such issues.

Mehmet acknowledges the difficulty we all have as humans to move beyond past influence. However, he strongly believes that by making the big decision to come and see a counsellor, you are already, taking the first steps to your individual authenticity in the here and now.

I think there are lots of stereotypes about counselling and the types of people who go. The truth is though, that people come to counselling these days for many different reasons. Acknowledging that you might need some help can only ever be a positive step. In fact, considering the ever growing demands of the modern world; where many people constantly juggle family and work commitments (often without the benefit of traditional support networks of previous generations), I believe counselling can in fact be seen as a necessity. We are all people of experience, and the more we can understand ourselves – in a safe space away from the pressures of everyday life – the more we can learn to accept who we are, and our functioning place in the world of today.

Mehmet recognises that specific circumstances can occur in one’s life at any time, which may make the need for counselling or therapy even more paramount.  Ranging from a relationship break-up, to bereavement, or to redundancy or money worries (to name but a few), life can at times, be extremely challenging. Mehmet sees that the strong feelings that can arise from such events can make life incredibly difficult for a person. It can extend beyond the emotional to the physical, leading to symptoms such as sleep disturbance, headaches, other aches and pains, or, a general lack of energy. In his practice, Mehmet works on the client’s full experience, and seeks to help the client on as many different levels as possible within the counselling space.

In addition, he works with unhelpful coping strategies such as avoidance and/or denial of difficult feelings. He believes that suppressing real, powerful emotions can manifest in unhealthy behaviours such as addiction, and/or destructive relationships (including abuse and co-dependency).

Mehmet believes strongly in the importance of working through difficulty in relationships resulting from a dysfunctional childhood. He considers this his speciality area of work, and is keen to work with survivors of abuse (sexual, physical, emotional and neglect), and both victims and perpetrators of domestic violence.

First and foremost Mehmet believes that counselling and psychotherapy can help you to accept yourself as you are. He is passionate about facilitating his clients to work through issues to improve their lives, and to find the confidence to make the changes that will help them reach their full potential.

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Mehmet originally trained on a BACP accredited course as an Integrative Counsellor.

An ‘Integrative’ approach means he can employ several theoretical approaches, and is trained in a number of different forms of Psychotherapy and Counselling. Within the therapeutic relationship, he draws from the Humanistic Person Centred approach, but also combines this with Psychodynamic, Brief Solution Focused Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT). His style has evolved from the understanding that each person is unique, and one approach does not suite all.

He continually expands on his therapeutic training, and most recently has completed courses on working with abuse, couples, and trauma.

Mehmet is a registered member of the BACP and therefore adheres to its ethical guidelines. He offers one on one Individual counselling and Couples Counselling. He also offers counselling via video Skype.


Mehmet is currently is expanding on his clinical Private Practice in Clapham SW4,  London Bridge SE1, Greenwich SE10, Beckenham BR3. Mehmet previously worked at The Awareness Centre as the Clinical Practice Manager.

Mehmet also worked for Greenwich Mind. Here, he worked as an individual counsellor, and also as a group facilitator. In addition to his own life experiences, his recent work and training at Mind has developed his interest in the area of ‘culture’, and the influence one’s wider culture can have on an individual.

Mehmet describes ‘culture’ as the characteristics, beliefs, values and social behaviour of a particular group of people. This can include cultural heritage, nationality, religion, language, sexuality…to name a few. He has explored and researched deeply the impact some of these can have, both within, and outside, of the counselling room.

Mehmet also specialises in working with potential cultural conflict. Recently, he has been working a lot with the interplay between culture and sexual identity. He is interested in the role of shame in sexuality, and the connection this can have on areas of development such as self-esteem and intimacy.

Mehmet invites clients to contact him for an initial consultation. This enables him to meet the person and find out more about them and what they are looking for out of counselling. It also gives the client a chance to ask questions, and to discuss wishes, expectations and any anxieties about beginning the process. Choosing a therapist is often intuitive and Mehmet advises clients to listen to their “gut feeling” after a first session to decide how best to proceed.  If you decide to work with Mehmet, he strongly advocates the client’s own voice when it comes to their needs – this includes how long the client may wish to work for. He is happy to provide both short-term and longer term open-ended therapy.

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