Sexual Compulsive Disorder



Are you Sexually Compulsive 

Do your sexual fantasies become compulsive and drive you to act on them?

Is it affecting your family, relationships,  and friendships?

Are you acting out and taking risks to fulfil your fantasies but then left feeling depressed, empty, shameful with yourself.

Are you longing for a long lasting, loving relationship but finding that you are failing?

Is addiction taking over your life, slowly destroying it and you feel you have no control?

Sexual addiction is real and can take over your life, Ruin friendships, and relationships, take you away from the important things in your life interfere with your work and hobbies getting in the way of haveing a lasting intimate relationship.

If you are struggling with the above and are ready to manage your urges, then contact me for an initial consultation to see how I can help you.


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