Attachment based therapy – Clapham & London Bridge

Couples Counselling  London Bridge, Clapham, Beckenham
Couples Counselling
London Bridge, Clapham, Beckenham

Our earliest relationships with our caregivers, primarily the main care giver, determine how we experiience and relate to others during our adult life. This strong early bond, and the quality of the interaction are vitial for one to feel safe, worthy, and stand a good chance in leading a healthy life in our forever changing world.

For this to happen one only needs to have good enough care during ones early formative years.

What happens if we do not recieve good enough care?

if for instance one is born in to a dysfunctinal family and not given good enough care one will still grow, as a plant does towards the light, but not as robust. One will learn to disregard parts of oneselve that were not important or may define a role in the family taking on responsibility and pressure. Or one may dislike self and be critiical.

As you can see from this brief overview good attachment is vital for healthty relationships and plays a huge part in strong attachments throughout ones life.

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