I felt I had no choice but to go for therapy, as I had no one in my life I could talk to about the problem I had.  I was facing one of the biggest challenges in my life. At that point I was in deep denial but also there was part of me that wanted to do something about it.

Basically, I was “stuck” in my life at that time, with huge pressure, time constraints due to personal circumstances. After a couple of sessions helped me to be mindful about what’s going on around me as well as most importantly within myself.  The whole experience was emotionally cultivating, and I had never thought I would have been able to achieve what I have achieved. I can now confidently say that I acquired my own authenticity. My life has changed in a sense that it is more content, and I now have a circle of people I can openly speak to.  I can’t thank my counsellor enough for this opportunity. It has allowed me to be who I am.

Annonymous – London Bridge SE1 – 2013

‘Mehmet has really helped me since I first visited him. He was very understanding and non-judgemental which was what I needed. He sensitively challenged some things I said which was incredibly helpful at getting me to look at things differently. He got me to put things into perspective and he was great to meet each week to talk to someone with an objective view. He was friendly and I felt able to open up which is the most important thing.’

Annonymous – Clapham SW4 – 2014

Having been brought up thinking, like a lot of men do I believe, that I didn’t need the help of someone else to understand the problems that life sometimes throws your way to solve, it was a refreshingly rewarding experience to work with Mehmet. His very calm yet firm and focussed demeanour suited the pragmatic approach I like to take with everything in life and I truly believe the work we did together has made a huge difference.

Annonymous – Clapham SW4 – 2013

I visited Mehmet for therapy sessions for some 15 months.  When I started life had become somewhat depressing and despairing in many ways: low self-esteem and bouts of anxiety or rage at the slightest thing.  The worst was a lack of understanding of why and the malaise all the above led to in life.  Weekends were spent escaping from these issues, often through bad habits or simply tucking myself away at home away from people.

After recognising that I needed help, I was put in touch with Mehmet. Developing trust with a counsellor takes time, but Mehmet’s comforting style meant I trusted quickly and easily, easing me into open dialogue in the sessions early in the process.  As sessions progressed with time, I found the trust so strong that I could open up to experiences in my life that I had never talked about to anyone before, which says huge amounts about the confidence and trust I developed through our sessions.

I found Mehmet to be calm, gentle and a great listener.  Many times he would recall comments I had made in sessions a number of months before; his memory of details staggered me.  As well as a great listener, Mehmet offered very sound advice throughout the 15 months; never too direct or pointed; as time progressed I realised the advice was always totally appropriate for where I was in my thinking and needs. For instance: changes to my social scene and life, how to move from bad habits, recommendations on books and how to self-help in between our sessions, all of which was progressive and gradual towards the therapy: in particular I was amazed how acute and timely the recommendations were for where I was in my treatment.

Mehmet’s insights were excellent.  Through our sessions he showed great insights on why I felt how I did, and helped me understand myself more through this.

The above all resulted in gentle development week by week.  At times there were setbacks – I realise now that sometimes a step backwards helps with the next leap forwards, but at the time the backwards steps were often painful; Mehmet was patient and always caring in the advice, never judging.

So, where am I after 15 months? Confident in myself, accepting of the past, relaxed and calm and able to handle the bad days we all have in life without the level of anxiety and rage I once had.  Sure there are bad days still, and I can get down because of them, but my understanding of the causes of how I feel, and how to deal with the bad days, gives confidence and the ability to manage it properly.  Now I understand myself so much more, I am accepting of my bad ways and realise the good things about myself more, allowing me to treat myself with more compassion and self-diligence, as well as feeling much more connected to the world. 

Mehmet has had a profound impact on my life for his support through the therapy and effective navigation through my recovery. I would definitely recommend anyone to him.

Annonymous – Clapham SW4 – May 2014



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