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HER- SELF – A six-week course to empower women with the tools & insights to develop emotional resilience, self-confidence, acceptance and trust in themselves.


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Mariam is a qualified Counsellor/Psychotherapist and has years of experience working with a range of issues in her private practice in Clapham.  The programme she will be running is designed to enable women to develop self-esteem, emotional resilience, confidence and trust in themselves.

I had always lived in someone else’s shadow, and working with Mariam opened a tightly closed door to my own life, I was accepted for who I am and I began to grow into myself. Mariam helped me to find love and accept myself as I am, without pretending or wearing masks to hide away. She always believed in me, and I finally believe in myself. With her help, have gained freedom in all its beauty. (Testimonial) 
My time with Mariam has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I found her to be kind, warm and skilful; in short very good at what she does. I felt comfortable in her company and without really realising it, was quickly able to trust her and trust that she valued my experiences and was committed to helping me understand these issues. I was  helped me to work through some long-held painful experiences, and to develop a sense of confidence so that I can accept and move forward in my life. (Testimonial) 

Please check out the website for more details – www.mb-therapy.co.uk

The programme will run for six consecutive Tuesday evenings from 11th October.

See www.mb-therapy.co.uk/courses for more info.

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